power hookup cost

at both ends after installation is complete. Comments none, click here for more about Goldenseal construction estimating software. Suggested Quantity, no suggested quantity. We will provide you with the service start time once your order is submitted. What is the cost of the hookup? Yes, you can select the date that you prefer your service to start.

Cost of Electrical Hookup?

power hookup cost

Say there s a house less than 1/4 mile away along a state road that already has. We will probably be living in a motorhome for a few months this Summer while our new house is being built and I m trying to figure out how much it will cost to have the power lines run out and a temporary pole put. But there are other factors that can affect the cost of your electrical job, depending on the type of job you need accomplished. The average electrician charges from 50-100 an hour, plus additional costs for parts depending on the complexity of the project. Each power company operates differently and the costs to hook up vary greatly depending on their requirements.

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Now that you got the information needed from the power company I can explain some of the items that may have been brought. It is required that either the power company or yourself call a locating service and request what are some good free hookup sites someone come out and mark underground utilities before any digging can take place. I do not agree to have NS Power perform a credit check on me but agree I accept that NS Power will automatically bill a security deposit to my account to complete my request. The following information is required to establish electric service under a personal name: Service address, social security number, driver's license number, or social insurance number (if any of these are not available, you can still submit an order but will need to upload another form. Select one of the following options if you are a new customer and never held an account in your name with Nova Scotia Power. If you already have grass down, hopefully not yet, you would have to reseed as well. Call Our Customer Care Center, can I re-open a previous FPL account?