local psychiatrist accused of sex crimes against patients

of drunken state to abuse them. Philadelphia, PA Source: wnbc.23.08 ; Courier Post.24.08 ; Bucks County Courier Times.25.08 ; Courier Post.26.08 ; Courier Post.01.08 ; snap.30.08 ; Bucks County Courier-Times.18.09 reddit hookup australia MacArthur Bruce Duncan 1953 P Convicted Diocesan Sued 2003 by 1 woman. Org Assignment Record and Other Info McConnell Thomas. Philadelphia, PA Source: Citizen-Times.02.09 ; Philadelphia Daily News.02.09 ; Philadelphia Gay News.25.09 ; Philly Obituary.25.15 McColgan Charles. Abuse began while he was still in seminary in 1966. Camden, NJ Source: Atlanta Cty, NJ; Cause # ATL-L-004059; New Jersey Provincial Directory, 2011,. Newark, NJ Source: Star-Ledger.30.04 ; Star-Ledger.31.04 ; Daily Record.10.05 ; Observer Tribune.17.05 ; Daily Record.07.05 ; Daily Record.12.05 ; Star-Ledger.12.05 ; Daily Record.17.05 ; NJ com.21.07 ; Star-Ledger.21.07 ; Star-Ledger.22.07 ; NJ com.03.13. Wilmington is still paying his pension health benefits. He said he spent 20 yrs in Sex Addicts Anonymous program. Still in prison 2/14.

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Portland, OR Source: The Oregonian.06.07 (Documents) ; The Oregonian.07.01 ; Oregonian Table.12.06 ; The Oregonian.12.06 Assignments:. 1985 by hugging him, saying I love you and fondling the youth who had sought help with studies. Mary's Church in Taunton. Nashville, TN Source: The Tennessean.31.99 ; The Tennessean.28.99 ; The Tennessean.18.99 ; The Tennessean.27.99 ; The Tennessean.08.99 ; The Tennessean.25.99 ; The Tennessean.27.99 ; The Tennessean.29.99 ; The Tennessean.20.00 ; The Tennessean.21.00 ; The Tennessean. He was sentenced to 20 yr suspended sentence and 10 yr probation. Monterey, CA Source: Salesian Bulletin.98 ; City of Angels.25.07 ; City of Angels.18.07 ; City of Angels.19.08 ; Contra Costa Times.01.08 Assignments:. D Charged Diocesan Deacon head of jrotc for local school district. Los Angeles, CA Source: LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum.15.05 ;.28.08 ; City of Angels.19.08 Assignments: LA Times Database.20.06 Murnig Guy Anthony 1970?

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