converting electric dryer hookup to gas

into the drum. Heat pumps open marriage dating without sex use a refrigerator-like compressor technology, recirculates air, and removes moisture from the clothes and air. Gas dryers are more energy-efficient in the long run, according to Energy Star, though that may depend on rates in your area. I'm not sure, but you may need a licensed plumber if you are installing the gas line., 07:33 PM mikepipe 79 posts, read 164,074 times, reputation: 52, have a plumber run a new gas pipe to the location of the dryer and get an electrician. Bill Roberson/Digital Trends, bill Roberson/Digital Trends, how much does it cost?

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converting electric dryer hookup to gas

Here is a link to the various outlet shapes and corresponding amperage - gets complex because of grounded and ungrounded variations, straight prong versus twist-lock type, etc. Most dealers will allow you to return the dryer, and exchange it for the correct item. Ventless electric models are often found in apartments because they dont need to exhaust the air outside. It will cost a bit of money, but it's cheaper than trying to convert the dryer to electric.

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So, which way should you go, gas or electric? Additional giveaways are planned. Call a few plumbers and get"s., 12:05 PM 7 posts, read 36,167 times, reputation: 14,": Originally Posted by deeken, you cannot convert an electric dryer to gas. However, front-load washers spin three times as fast as they did in the early 80s, meaning clothes arent as wet going into the dryer, Sheinkopf points out. You will also cut the electric bill by a lot more. The guy who does the gas can do that as well. If you have a gas supply into the home, you could have a line extended to the area near the dryer. Normally they just turn that valve off and disconnect the gas tubing - good idea to at least put a plastic baggie over it to keep dirt out of the valve, you can also (which I like) buy threaded caps (usually takes a special gas.

Thank you so much. Looking way ahead, the heat pump drying is the most efficient. They use moisture sensors to stop the dryer when clothes are dry instead of running the entire cycle and lower heat settings that increase dry times but use less power. I mean replace., 07:25 PM peabodyn 591 posts, read 1,092,327 times, reputation: 1027. Take the Whirlpool model from above: Both have 14 cycles, auto-sensing technology, and four heat levels. However, I am not sure who can help to install necessary equipments like gas line and etc. If the outlet is larger it may have three or four holes for prongs and you dont see a gas line, chances are youve got an electric setup, which typically runs on 240 volts.