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Thursday, September 27, 2018 5:18PM EDT. Grow your own?: Not banned, but the provincial government will regulate whether or not plants can be grown at home in the future Where to smoke?: Not permitted in public places, other than a designated cannabis lounge or permitted event Other notes: The offical Inuktitut. Where to buy: Privately-run storefronts and online sales. Individual communities will be able to enact cannabis restrictions and/or prohibitions. Other notes: Landlords can restrict cultivation and smoking on their properties. NEW brunswick, age of legal consumption:. Marijuana legalization laws northwest territories Age of legal consumption: 19 Where to buy: Privately-run liquor stores and government-operated online sales Grow your own?: Up to four plants Where to smoke?: On private property and in private residences. All cannabis grown outdoors must be located behind a locked enclosure that.52 metres high. Where to buy: Both government and privately-run storefronts and online sales. Municipalities can hold a referendum to ban cannabis stores in their community. Marijuana legalization laws quebec Age of legal consumption: 18 Where to buy: Government-operated storefronts and online sales Grow your own?: Not permitted Where to smoke?: Only where tobacco may be smoked, with the exception of university and cegep campuses Other notes: Six companies signed.

Smoking will also be allowed on trails, highways, streets, roads and in parks when they are not in use for public events. Marijuana legalization laws, manitoba, age of legal consumption:. Licensing of private retailers will follow in the future Yukon marijuana legalization laws. Grow your own?: Not permitted, where to smoke?: Only in private residences, other notes: Legal age is one year above drinking age.

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Manitoba marijuana legalization laws. Other notes: Cannabis will initially be sold in existing liquor stores, with possibility of cannabis-only stores in the future. Where to smoke?: Only on private property and in private residences Other notes: 20 cannabis stores will open in July 2018. After 95 years of prohibition, recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada on Oct. Staff, published Friday, April 20, 2018 2:24PM EDT. Grow your own?: Up to four plants, out of public sight Where to smoke?: Only on private property and in private residences, subject to landlord restrictions Other notes: Whitehorse recently amended zoning bylaws to allow government-operated cannabis sales in only one area: Marwell.

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