morning after hookup etiquette

to her dorm so I wouldn't see her. Follow 2 answers. I just always screw up after hooking up with someone whether I like em or not. This should be a no-brainer, but avoid having sex with anyone whose judgment is impaired. There's nothing wrong with recreational sex, as long as all parties involved understand that it's recreational. Many people develop a companion during the course of an adventure and now is the time to discover if you are one of them.

Show more, so I hooked up with a friend in college. Consider the likelihood of if you are actually experiencing a near fatal aneurism right now, or whether J├Ągerbombs could be a more logical explanation. If someone is drunk or high, don't sleep with them. Anything other than an enthusiastic YES is not consent. Also, make sure any sex you have at all is safe sex. 6) Mentally Steel Yourself for What's to Come.