why hookup culture is bad

our generation has for instant gratification. And this provides another reason for them to engage in non-emotional, commitment-free sex. Prager University and may be contacted.

why hookup culture is bad

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It is well known that most college students engage at one time or another in what is known as a hookup an emotionless, commitment-free sexual encounter. Fuck your mini van. For the most part, Im as down as the next person for a casual fling. The culture may tell her to restrict sex to a man who loves her and might even marry her, but the liberated woman knows better: Sex without any emotional ties or possibility of future commitment can be empowering. The third reason for the hookup culture is the radical secularization of the college campus. Instead of associating Hookup Culture with a fear of intimacy or an inability to commit, we should embrace it and all of the possibilities it provides. Nowadays, it is slowly becoming more and more socially acceptable for women to express their sexual desires as freely as men, and why shouldn't it be?

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